5 Signs You Have Become an Otaku aka Anime Addict

So do you belong to these characteristics of a true Anime addict?

1. You're losing sleep. You just can't help but finish all episodes in one sitting. You don't care whether you've taken a shower or ate the fancy meal your girlfriend prepared for you.

2. You want to learn the language of the anime. You want to learn anime words. You google for Anime characters, their names, You speak of it as if if has become your second language. Your friends think you need some therapy.

3. You spend your money on Anime, lots of it and feel you even deserve an honor for that. You scrimp on buying pizza but you have saved enough for a Manga (comics). All your things from your clothes to your mugs are completely customized to feature Anime characters.

4. When you pretend to be an Anime or you're suddenly crushing on Hinata Hyuga from Naruto. You can't help it. Anime is your one true love.

5. No more Netflix. You just need Crunchyroll! Perfect!

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