How to Make Your Wives and Moms Feel Special this Mothers Day

Mothers Day is coming and you can't figure out yet how to be a romantic spouse for the mother of your kids. You want to honor her for all the love and sacrifices she has made for the family. You also remember that you're that 'thoughtful' son who never ever forgets to celebrate with dearest mom on her birthday. So what are the ways to show your affection for Wife and Mom?

1. Be creative with love letters. Write a poem or a song. If you've tried hard enough, hire someone to help you.

2. Order flowers and her favorite food. If you have extra dough to spend, why not match it with a custom jewelry. Just like this Phoenix pendant for just $37.99 from SeekerEnterprise



3. Order custom prints. Is she an Anime or a Marvel fan? Add her favorite character and showcase her true sense of style.

4. Watch a movie at home and be cozy. Order a custom blanket she will love to cuddle with, aside from you of course.
You don't have to splurge and spend much on material things that will make your wife and mom happy this Mothers day. What's important is the time together well spent laughing and making memories.